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        A.They paid four hundred and fifty dollars each.

        B.That costs $375.

        C.but I couldn’t spare enough time.

        D.Would you like to be by the sea or a lake?

        E.Have you been sailing before?

        F.You’ve got to pay $475.

        but I didn’t have enough money.

        --- Hello, can I help you?

        --- Yes, I’d like to go on a sailing holiday this summer in Italy.

        --- 6

        --- No, I wanted to go to Sweden last year, 7

        --- Well, it is quite expensive. Sailing holidays start at about three hundred dollars.

        --- Yes, my friends went in August last year. 8 The most I can pay is three hundred and eighty dollars.

        --- Well, that should be enough. 9

        --- Well, I’d prefer a lake in the mountains.

        --- Okay. The Aqua Centre in North Italy will be the best for you. 10

        --- Okay. Can I pay by credit card? I haven’t got my cheque book.

        --- Yes, that’s fine.


        1. mosquito A. involve B. motorcycle C. conclude D. women

        2. plenty A. experience B. passenger C. expression D. generation

        3. supply A. yourselves B. quickly C. recycle D. bicycle

        4. singer A. strong B. finger C. single D. stranger

        5. failure A. mountain B. bargain C. captain D. available


        6. After that, he knew he could ____any emergency by doing what he could to the

        best of his ability.

        A. get away with

        B. get on with

        C. get through

        D. get across

        7. After the adjustment of financial policies, many netizens put up posts, 90 percent

        ____carried the message of approval.

        A. of which

        B. of whom

        C. of them

        D. of what

        8. —Do you know if Linda is willing to take charge of the program?

        —____, does it?

        A. It takes no time.

        B. It counts for nothing.

        C. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

        D. It doesn’t make sense.

        9. We all agree that ____good knowledge of physics is a must in explaining such

        ____natural phenomena.

        A. a; 不填

        B. a; a

        C. 不填;a

        D. 不填;不填

        10. Studying alone, you are free to choose what to learn and when, ____ you d on’t

        need others’ agreement.

        A. while

        B. if

        C. though

        D. as

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