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        学习中心:_________ 姓名:_________ 学号:_________ 成绩:_________


        Part I 单选题(20%)(答案务必写在答题纸上)

        1. Let?s ______B__________now.

        A. go work

        B. go to work

        C. to go work

        D. to work

        2. Li Hong is a teacher __A__ a small school.

        A. at

        B. for

        C. over

        D. on

        3. Can you __A____ me the book?

        A. lend

        B. borrow

        C. lent

        D. borrowing

        4. She does her homework __C__ evening.

        A. in

        B. at

        C. in the

        D. at the

        5. —What is the date today?


        A. It?s half past one

        B. It?s the first of December

        C. It?s Monday

        D. It?s Sunday

        6. The ______C_________ names are Sam and Jack.

        A. twins

        B. twin?s

        C. twins?

        D. twin

        7. ______D___ beautiful garden it is!

        A. What

        B. How

        C. How a

        D. What a

        8. I?m from Shanghai and where are you ___B______ ?

        A. at

        B. from

        C. on

        D. in

        9. She always _____C_____ early in the morning and comes back home late in the


        A. goes work

        B. go to work

        C. goes to work

        D. go work

        10. Class begins __B__ eight in the morning.

        A. in

        B. at

        C. \

        D. on

        11. They are the students ___C__ Class One.

        A. in

        B. at

        C. of

        D. on

        12. —What time is it now?

        —It?s___A___.( 8:31)

        A. eight past thirty-one

        B. twenty-nine to nine

        C. thirty-one past eight

        D. nine to twenty-nine


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